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Fly Sports (South Sudan & Kenya)

Fly Sports is a Sports ministry based in South Sudan and Kenya currently operating in Kenya.

Fly Sports is dedicated to bringing about a change in the mindset of the people of South Sudan and Kenya through the use of football and basketball.

Fly Sports uses football and basketball as tools to transform traumatized lives and attitudes through teaching them about hard work, teamwork and peace. We do this through coaching kids’ teams and through organizing leagues and tournaments for men, women and kids. This provides them with a means of interaction and co-operation with those of other ethic groups who they would not normally interact with, some may even be tribal enemies. We are using football and basketball to gradually break down social and physical barriers so that the country can move toward a point in the future without tribalism where they can be prosperous.

Fly Sports Mission: Transformation of Communities and to make disciples of youths through strategic sports ministry.

Fly Sports Vision: Transforming of Communities of South Sudan and Kenya, through Sports and discipleship and strengthening communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  


The Fly Sports project organizes sport activities in schools, churches and communities. Through sports we intend to build relationships with the youth themselves and between the youth, the church and Fly Sports.

Fly Sports is centred in sports and peace building; its approach aiming to build and expand peace through activities that help to disseminate peace.

The ultimate goal of Fly Sports is to help develop peace and good character. 

By this, we hope traumatized lives and attitudes will be transformed.  In addition, sports are viewed as a good uniting factor especially in a society divided by war and strife, and working as a team is a significant factor in personal development.